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Special edition of College Heights Herald featuring student poets and artists.

  • Oelze, Deborah. Welcome Home
  • Marcum, Joe. Negation
  • Newbolt, Denis. The Fall Runner
  • Meluch, Jerry. Step of Greeting
  • Tope, Becky. Love Should Be Like That
  • Henton, Marty. Reminiscing
  • Thompson, Celeste. Brisk November Day
  • Henton, Marty. Metamorphosis
  • Minor, Cindy. When Love of Life Lingers
  • Sevigny, Maurice. Blueberries for Freud
  • Wright, Lynn. The Misty Mountains
  • Sevigny, Maurice. Sailboats Stacked for Winter
  • Whitley, Susan. Age to Youth


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