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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Budde, Neil. Regent’s Vote Dims George Dillingham’s, Raul Padilla’s Chances
  • Caudill, Tom & Neil Budde. Board Okays Revisions in Faculty Tenure Policy
  • Halicks, Richard. Eagle University Is Still Growing Despite Marginal Facilities
  • Doug Kershaw to Fiddle Thursday
  • Dorms Plan Homecoming Activities
  • Homecoming – Schedule of Events
  • Regents Were Right to Accept President’s Plan on Tenure
  • Bruce, Don. Do as They Say, Not as I’d Do
  • Tucker, Daniel. Reprimands Health Clinic
  • Baker, Melissa. Finds Library Noisy
  • We Were Wrong
  • Ombudsman - Improvements at 15th and State Are Not Likely
  • Herald Wins Top Rating
  • Publications Office Gets $1000 Grant
  • Cash, Terry. Playful Computer Puzzles Humans with Its Poetic Personality
  • Halicks, Richard. Dean Robert Mounce Proposes Longer Break Between Classes
  • Students May Work Abroad Under Internship Program
  • Phone Books Are Available
  • Cadets Attend Field Training Exercise
  • Bond, Beverly. Madrigals, Brass Choir to Perform Monday
  • Western Senior Receives Award in Tournament – Terry Reber
  • Wildman, Judy. Alice in Wonderland to Incorporate Mime, Gags, Tango
  • Homecoming Jobs Available
  • Queen Candidates Pictures Switched
  • What’s Happening – Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Pi Mu, Young Democrats, Students International Mediation Society, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Chi Omega, Sigma Delta Chi, Veterans on Campus, Baptist Student Union, Graduate Student Association, Alpha Delta Sigma, Marketing Club, Public Relations Student Society of America, Law Club
  • Halicks, Richard. Joseph Uveges Instrumental in the Flight of Eagle University
  • Adams, Anne. GOP Has Work Cut Out – Young Republicans
  • Skees, Janet. Democrats are Confident
  • Judicial Amendment Proposal Would Alter Kentucky Courts
  • Collins, Don. Eastern Defense Shelves Western 13-7
  • Collins, Don. Ernie House Keeps Cool Head
  • Halicks, Richard. Butch Gilbert Doesn’t Squat for Jimmy Feix Now
  • Huffman, Clyde. Toppers Breeze Past Morehead State University, Marshall University – Track & Field
  • Women Netters Tackle Tennessee Tech


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