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The verse on the front cover is a quote from Ulysses:

I am a part of all that I have met
Yet all experience is an arch where through
Gleams that untravell’d world whose margin fades
Forever and forever when I move



A special edition of the College Heights Herald featuring student and faculty poets:

  • Halicks, Richard. The Thunder Stick
  • Surface, David. Witness
  • Pierson, Don. Nostalgic Impressions Dig Nasty Holes
  • Shanklin, Tip. Flood Stage
  • Stephens, A.T. (For Bill Stafford)
  • Miller, Jim. Skydivers
  • Norris, Randy. Birdbrains
  • Puter, A. Com. Thrilled Me Quoth the Raven . . . Nevermore
  • Halicks, Richard. I, Robot
  • Miller, Jim. Diver
  • Norris, Randy. Reflections on a Kite
  • Vessels, Shriley. Marigolds
  • Newbolt, Denise. Dolphins
  • Halicks, Richard. Mr. Infinity, the Tomorrow Master
  • Moffeit, Tony. Queen of Spades
  • Halicks, Richard. Dismantling the Trojan Horse


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