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Special edition of the College Heights Herald regarding fashion.

  • Mami, Alfina. Dresses Turn to Softer, Natural Fabrics to Capture Romantic Mood This Spring
  • McConnell, Winnie. Skirts Accent Style, Femininity
  • Eldridge, Pam. Oriental Look Easternizes Western Styles
  • New Swim Suits to be One-piece
  • Hohman, Pat. European Cut Revives the Three-Piece Suit
  • Wildman, Judy. Brimmed Hats, Scarves Top Off All Spring Outfits
  • Ribar, Richard. Facial Hair Sprouts for a Variety of Reasons
  • Hohman, Pat. A Tattoo of Beauty-Is it a Joy Forever?
  • Ugly Duckling Fails in Swan Lake Debut


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