Publication Date

Spring 1992


A collection of essays written by English 100 Freshman Composition and English 200 Introduction to Literature students attending WKU Glasgow from 1983 through 1992 taught by Loretta Murrey. Student authors are: Joyce Alford, Joyce Amer, Jeff Ballard, Sandie Barrick, Jerry Bean, Shela Bingham, Brent Bledsoe, Steven Bunch, Billy Carver, Angela Cowan, Karen Decker, Betty Dillahay, Dibbie Dilley, Amy Doyel, Jeff Duncan, Craig Emmitt, Barbara England, Kathy Fancher, Amanda Gillon, Michelle Glover, Jeanelle Gooch, Faye Johnson, Celena Martin, Sonia Martin, Tracy Mathews, Ila Moody, Angela Morris, William Myatt, Judy Parker, Dorothean Powell, Maria Pulanco, Diane Rather, Jennifer Reneau, LaDarra Rich, Pam Ritchie, Rickey Shive, Terri Smith, Tammy Stephens, Kimberly Taylor, Tim Taylor, Rowland Tharlson, Laura Wheeler, Amy Williams, Rita York, Kelli Young and Penny Young.


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