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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Wolfe, Bill. Researcher Compounds His Discoveries – Norman Holy
  • Eblen, Tom. Most Thefts Occur in Rooms
  • Miss Black Western Pageant Opens Black History Week
  • Wildman, Judy. Watchman Likes Art Work, Keeps an Eye on Gallery – J.A. Williams
  • Bennett, Jo. Agency Hunts Funds, Friends for Kids – Big Brothers & Sisters
  • Kentucky Association of Nursing Students Choose State Officers
  • University Lags in Providing Housing for Married Students
  • Wolfe, Bill. Race for the Resume Resumes
  • Stichtenoth, Keith. Short Team on Short End - Intramurals
  • Johnson, Audrey. Proud of Black Heritage
  • Hohman, Pat. Sampling: Surveys are Abundant
  • Tompkinsville Junior Dies – William Carter
  • Kentucky Aerospace Education Council to Meet Saturday
  • What’s Happening – Club News
  • Happy New Year – Chinese New Year
  • Ribar, Richard & David Crumpler. New Gallery Will be Opened – Kentucky Museum, Garrett Conference Center
  • Crumpler, David. 27 Wagons Starts Tonight
  • Duke Ellington Orchestra to Play Tomorrow
  • Crumpler, David. Bitter Twist: One-Act Drama Will Examine Loneliness – Dorothy Howard
  • Hepp, Jan. Teacher Observes Primitive Schools on Tiny Island – J.T. Sandefur
  • Housing Groups to Meet Tomorrow
  • Grove, Jim. Warning Doesn’t Help Toppers as Austin Peay Prevails, 73-59
  • Kuhl, Greg. Western Runners Say Illegal Track Payoffs Exist
  • Moore, Gary. Snowflakes Fell and So Did Western
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Morehead Vaults Past Tops in Ohio Valley Conference Indoor Championship
  • Stinnett, Roger. Western Splits Trimeet to End Regular Season - Gymnastics
  • Students to Run Weather Station


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