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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Kuhl, Greg. Returning to School Lucrative for Veteran
  • Freshman Found Dead in Country Jail – David Suddarth
  • Bennett, Jo. Two Meet, Marry and Begin Life Together Apart – Gary Barnett, Carla Barnett
  • Hepp, Jan. Alcoholism at Western Studies
  • Fewer Students Get Honors
  • Alpha Delta Pi Gets Award
  • Junior Chosen Mountain Laurel Candidate – Deborah Pardue
  • Mami, Alfina. Wanted: Psychology Teacher Seeks 2 Aides for Child Study – Neil Cohen
  • Three Facilities Reduce Hours
  • With So Many Being Called, How Could Any Feel Exalted?
  • Halicks, Richard. Taking an Excursion into the Vast Wasteland of Language
  • Koricki, Tom. Library Weekend Hours Inadequate
  • Stringer, Sydney. Good Intentions Insufficient – Miss Black Western
  • Vogt, Christy. Emphasizes Associated Student Government Issues
  • Stichtenoth, Keith. Wants Short Leagues – Intramurals
  • Hayes, Barbara. Property Rights Come First – Visitation
  • Cannon, Terence – Knocks New Jargon
  • What’s Happening – Club News
  • Engineering Club to Recycle Papers
  • Concert, Journalist Scheduled – Rufus, Wild Cherry, Bob Woodward
  • Dean to Head National Group – J.T. Sandefur
  • Eldridge, Pam. Class Adds Spice to Life with Gourmet Cooking
  • Ribar, Richard & David Crumpler. Leningrad Symphony to Play for Capacity Crowd Thursday
  • Interpreters Theatre to Perform in Festival
  • Recreation Majors Have Workshop
  • Hohman, Pat. Resolutions: Association Student Government Wins, Loses Some Attempts for Change
  • Ashcraft, Betsy. Western Graduate Builds His Body into a Career – Ken Waller, Mr. Universe
  • Eblen, Tom. Dorm Vegetation: Decorate Your Room with a Jungle
  • Professor Receives Grant for Computer Terminal – Resa Absan
  • Stinnett, Roger. Tops Rebound to Beat Eastern after Loss Fades Tourney Hopes
  • Grove, Jim. Brenda Chapman Scores 20 in Heartening Win
  • White, Don. Toppers Beat Southeast Missouri State University, Lose to Vanderbilt
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Tom Anderson is Only Winner for Tops at Mason-Dixon
  • Swim Club Loses to Southeast Missouri State University
  • Moore, Gary. Barby Shields Takes Four Firsts Leads Tops at Morehead
  • 2 Students Plead Guilty to Charges


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