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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Hepp, Jan, Alfina Mami & Mary Tougher. Use of Energy is Reduced by 20 Per Cent
  • Minton, Don. Fraternity Lends a Hand to Man Dying of Cancer – Donald Barker, Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Eldridge, Pam. Pageant for Only Blacks Questioned
  • Lecture on Latin America Set
  • Steam Pipeline Repaired after Break
  • Halicks, Richard. Some Employees to be Paid Biweekly
  • Louisville Senior Wins Pageant, Will Compete for Kentucky Title – Elaine Robinson
  • Academic Council Members Hampered by Dual Role
  • Budde, Neil. New Movie Could be Disaster
  • Bates, Dean. Call Dorm Policy Archaic
  • Hoagland, Sharon. Already Has Refrigerator
  • White, Michael. John Scarborough Remembers Western’s Younger Days
  • Taylor, Susan. Two Million Pages Copied on University Machines
  • Woman Named Distinguished ROTC Student – Sue Roma
  • Senior Wins Poetry Contest – Denise Newbolt
  • Regent to Speak to Faculty Senate – David Cole
  • What’s Happening – Club News
  • Orchestra Concert Slated
  • Ribar, Richard. Matchmaker Triumphs in Barber of Seville
  • RIbar, Richard & David Crumpler. Literary Magazine Solicits Material from Students – Zephyrus
  • 2 Interpretation Shows Replace Production of the Babysitter
  • Escort Requests Increase
  • White, Don. James Johnson, Aaron Bryant Worth Weight in Gold as Toppers Win Two Ohio Valley Conference Tests
  • Grove, Jim. Women Survive Northern Scare, Host Austin Peay Today
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Tankers Defeat Two Foes at Missouri Rolla Relays
  • Transylvania University Beats Junior Varsity
  • Grove, Jim. Julia Yeater Lives Dream as Women’s Coach
  • Stinnett, Roger. Barby Shields Captures Three Events as Gymnasts Clobber Memphis
  • Tony Staynings Take Third in Times Meet
  • Parking Space Still Problem; Scarcest Before 10:25 Class
  • Valentine Events Planned for Feb. 13


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