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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Halicks, Richard. Council on Higher Education Clips Budget Proposal $3.6 Million
  • McCord, Tom. Standardlized Tests Coming Under Fire
  • Eblen, Tom. Concert Support Act Booked – Black Oak Arkansas
  • City Reaffirms Intent to Sue – Kentucky Building
  • Sanders, Linda. Faculty Senate: Group Ready to Ask Tough Questions
  • Schneider Hall Open
  • Faculty Senate Should Get Going
  • Editorial Cartoon: Super Hero Beating Rivals
  • Troutman, Richard. Puts Up With It
  • Kell, Carl. Expresses Thanks
  • Allen, Kim. Waiting for Snow?
  • Halicks, Richard. Remember Kent State, Forget March
  • Bilbrey, Denise. Back to the Bible Some, But Not All, Campus Leaders Say Interest Growing
  • NBC Executive to Speak – Jay Gerber
  • 2 Week Tour of London is Scheduled
  • Haunted House Set – Jaycees
  • Second Bi-Term Begins Today
  • Telephone Books Are Available
  • Four Groups Win Spirit Contest
  • Judd, Alan. Many Students Are Lacking Proper Insurance Coverage
  • Conference to Give Facts on Aid
  • Crumpler, David. Books Are Illegal in Fahrenheit 451
  • Crumpler, David. Pegora Begins Tomorrow
  • Modern Dance Troupe to Open Arts Festival – Acme Dance Company
  • Waltrous, Kim. Students Get a Voice in Housing Through Interhall Council
  • Kerrick, Sara. Bowled Over: Mixed League Rolls a Strike
  • Foremanship Seminar Set for Next Week
  • Porter, Glen. Water is More Than Drink
  • Lee, Renee. Art Model Isn’t Star But She Likes Her Job – Cynd Janes
  • Sigma Delta Chi Will Sponsor Employment Seminar
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Western-Eastern Loser May be Winner
  • White, Don. Del Hessel Toughens Training for Home Meet Saturday – Track & Field
  • Butch Creek is 1st; Tops Take 2nd in Only Meet - Golf
  • White, Don. Grandfathers Often Forget Writers Aren’t Cheerleaders
  • Lambda Chi Alpha Loses; Bad Brothers Win - Intramurals
  • Eddie Preston Picked for Ohio Valley Conference Honor Offense is Last
  • Vincent, Robin. Tops Plan a Tactic Approach - Tennis
  • Uninviting – Track & Field


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