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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Judd, Alan. Building Still Planned
  • Fish, Tim. A Thanksgiving Breakdown
  • McCord, Tom. Sweet Talk: Business Boons at Downing University Center Candy Shop
  • Hepp, Jan. Reserve Holiday Travel Now
  • Young, Monte. University Lessens Energy-Saving Steps
  • Coal is Primary Fuel
  • Rodents Pose Continuous Problem
  • Powerful Council on Higher Education a Threat to Universities?
  • Young, Monte. Thanksgiving Day Tradition; It’s Easy to be a Pig Over Chitlins
  • Halicks, Richard. So What’s a Few Bucks for a 1-8-1?
  • Moseley, J. Criticizes Review Critic
  • Condit, Teresa, et al. Herald Tactless
  • Owen, Karen. Thanks Victims – Gamma Sigma Sigma
  • Helm, Chris. Thanks Registrar
  • Hepp, Jan. Debate Voice-terous Speakers Capture Ohio Valley Conference Title
  • La Mancha Tryouts Planned
  • Reading Hour Set
  • Young, Monte. Testing: Computerized Scoring Trying to Make the Grade
  • Man Arrested for Loitering
  • White, Don. Jim Richards: Western Not Prepared – Basketball
  • Vincent, Robin. Toppers Fall to Vanderbilt by One
  • Schaftlein, Mark. Riflers Finish 2nd, 3rd
  • Vincent, Robin. Western Rolls in First Meet – Gymnastics
  • Sigma Chi Wins Title - Intramurals
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Errors Send Tops to 8th Loss - Football


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