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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Halicks, Richard. Semi-Literacy Becoming Fad?
  • Eblen, Tom. Dorm Reformers Find Change Slow
  • McCord, Tom. Increases in Tuition Predicted
  • Sanders, Linda. Report Says Operating Budget Little Changed from Last Year
  • Solider Convicted of Assault on West Hall Resident Dec. 3
  • Remedial Class is Unfortunate but Necessary
  • Editorial Cartoon: Students as Monkeys, Gibbons
  • Halicks, Richard. Another Editor Another Farewell
  • Waggoner, Gayle. Grad Student in Brazil Has Full-Bright Experience
  • Winter, Janice. Dorm Reform is Game
  • Engel, Jeff. Likes L’esprit
  • Schlensker, Karla. Supports Editorial
  • Henry, Gary. Clarifies Stand
  • Judd, Alan. Snow-Tread Choice Depends on Tire Type
  • Shelton, Missy. Freshman is Spin-ster – Julia Ashdon
  • Finals Week Isn’t All Work
  • Food Services Will Close for Holiday
  • Professor Says State’s Farm Image No Longer Valid – Norman Tomazic
  • Norton, Carol & Eric Hassler. Early Morning Milked for All Its Worth – WKU Farm
  • Military Society Selects Queen – Lovis Lawrence
  • Ban on Coal Will be Costly
  • Malone, Roger. Math Teacher Visits China to Observe Teaching Methods – Pauline Lowman
  • Rogers, Rickey. Western Slides by University of Kentucky – Swimming
  • White, Don. A Nighttime Visit to Diddle Arena . . .
  • Vincent, Robin. Toppers Hold on Against University of Louisville
  • Taylor, Beth. Donna Doellman Adjusts to New Position
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Western Loses Third Straight
  • 2 Dorms Open for Holiday


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