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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Judd, Alan. Dean Charles Keown May Suggest Change in Dorms
  • Clark, John. Streets Come First in Snow Removed
  • Eblen, Tom. Seeing Red: Bookstore Profits From Souvenir-Mania
  • Snow, Cold to Stay
  • Checks Cashed at Theater
  • New Court to Help Students – Small Claims Court
  • Lee, Renee. Folklore Instructor to Study the South’s Textile Industry – Camille Collins
  • Teacher Edits History Book – Lowell Harrison
  • Why Heat with Oil in Coal Country?
  • Editorial Cartoon. Coal vs Oil, Gibbons
  • Henry, David. Suitcases Responds
  • Aaron, Beth. Defends Suitcasers
  • Ledford, Cletus. Lauds Campus Police
  • Duskin, Tim. Demand a Warrant
  • Jeffries, Mary. Teacher Writes about Jimmy Carter’s Faith – James Baker
  • Young, Monte. Increase in Number of Part-Time Faculty Not Seen
  • Radio Woes Investigated – WKYU-AM
  • McCord, Tom. Characters Isolated in Mrs. Dally Drama
  • Malone, Roger. Card Give Discount Variety
  • Seven Cars Towed by Campus Police
  • Beshear, Tom. Snow Stalls Lot Construction
  • Clark, John. Few Students Try Fraud with STAN Phone Bills
  • Hancock, Catherine. Students Find Modeling Fashion-Able
  • Hall Olympics Scheduled
  • Talk on Cuba Set Feb. 9 – Neill Macauley
  • Amazing Kreskin Lecture to Be March 1 – George Kresge
  • Bennett, Jo. Snow Driving Tricky
  • Taylor, Beth & Robin Vincent. Toppers Beat University of Kentucky after Blowing Lead – Basketball
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Western Loss Scrambles Ohio Valley Conference Race
  • Taylor, Beth. Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women -AIAW is a Leader in Women’s Athletics
  • White, Don. Middle Tennessee State University KOs Tops, 98-69 to Knot Ohio Valley Conference
  • Whitaker, David. Donald Douglas, Forrest Killebrew Take First in Makeshift Michigan Relays
  • Thefts, Fire Reported to Police


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