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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Judd, Alan. Loser Contests Associated Student Government Election – Ed Johnson
  • Owen, Karen. Living in Landmark Gives Professor Joy – William Traugott, Old Shaker Tavern
  • Stinnett, Roger. Author Talks of Drugs, Fear & Loathing – Hunter Thompson
  • Judd, Alan. Non-Resident Tuition May Go Up $50
  • Police Investigating Report of Drugging – Gary Harpool
  • Test Needed Before Drop Period Ends
  • Editorial Cartoon: Dropping Classes, Gibbons
  • Whitaker, David. Drugs Help Hunter Thompson Evade Issues and Reality
  • Bruce, Don. Wants Associated Student Government Ignored
  • Gibson, Terry. Calls WKYU Superb
  • Malone, Roger. War Zone: Russian Front Defended in Cherry Hall
  • Carpenter, Steve. Western Seeks Funds for Tornado Warning Sirens
  • Salato, Nancy & Carol Norton. A Challenge: Teacher Sells Education, Relaxation – Albert Laird
  • Athletes to Eat in Student Center
  • Hot Weather, Air Conditioning Bring Maintenance Problems
  • City Bike Safety Plan to Be Completed This Month
  • Ballet Troupe to Perform Tomorrow –Hartford Ballet Company
  • Housing, Registration Fees Set for May, Summer Terms
  • McCord, Tom. Unnatural Character Featured in Greek Play – Medea
  • McCord, Tom. Medea Designer Aims for Spellbinding Effect
  • Whitaker, David. Western Romps in Ohio Valley Conference Quad Meet
  • White, David. Darryl Turner, Aaron Bryant, Mike Prince May Not Return to Team
  • White, Don. Power, Pitching Key Sweep
  • Drill Team Second – Pershing Rifles
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Toppers Lose 2 More - Tennis
  • Tops Set Four Records – Track & Field
  • Golfer 7th at Ohio State


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