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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Comer, Diane. Dorm Inspection to Be Challenged
  • Wheeler, Fred. Old Hotel Converted for Students – YMCA Building, Park Place
  • Sigma Nu Selected Randall Capps as President
  • Garrett Conference Center Stops Dinners, Moves Snack Bar
  • Tuition Increase Would Help Budget Woes
  • Editorial Cartoon – Budget Cut Barber, Gibbons
  • Three’s Company Best Housing Option
  • Gati, Richard. Western Years the Best
  • Library Schedule Cut Nine Hours
  • Fire Damages Building – Industrial Education Building Annex No. 2
  • Wheeler, Fred. Farewell Retired Teachers Have Time for Outside Interests – Billy Adams, Albert Laird, Willard Cockrill
  • Johnson, Nathan. Music Director at WKYU Quits – John Dromboski
  • Shirley, Margaret. Raymond Cravens Brings Experience to Teaching
  • Theaters to be Built Near Mall
  • Kentucky Educational Television to Feature Gospel Group
  • West Hall Book Swap Set
  • Hub Pizzeria Being Used as Storage Area


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