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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Galloway, Amy. Ronald Reagan Leads Slightly in Campus-Wide Poll
  • Johnson, Nathan & Robert Pillow. Presidential Candidates Dissatisfying to Students
  • Collins, Mike. Yearbooks Available Monday
  • Johnson, Nathan. Activities Limited on Election Day
  • Editorial Cartoon: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan Tug of Wat with John Anderson, Gibbons
  • Whitaker, David. Vote for John Anderson Won’t be Wasted
  • Galloway, Amy. Jimmy Carter’s Millard Fillmore Style is Safest
  • Collins, Mike. Columnist Chooses Ronald Reagan on His Merits
  • Taylor, Michael. Rights in Danger
  • Baughman, Henry. Pedestrian Risk
  • Held, Suzanne. Donations Appreciated
  • Hess, Mark. Associated Student Government Proposes Title Change
  • Pillow, Robert. Class Sculptures Stolen
  • New Zealand Band Attracts Small Crowd
  • Biologists Receive 2 Study Grants – Larry Elliott, Robert Hoyt
  • George, T.A. Jerry Flippin Catches Passes Like a Swann
  • Mattingly, Alan. Tops Hope Morehead Won’t Spoil TV Show - Football
  • Skaggs, Phil. Larry Cuzzort Accepts Challenge, Runs His Way to All-America Honors
  • Roster – Tennis, Riflery, Bowling, Weightlifting, Frisbee


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