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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Comer, Diane. Associated Student Government Re-Endorses Dorm Inspections
  • Wood, Michele. Teacher Moonlights as Small-Town Mayor – Clarence Wolf
  • Big Red Portraits Available Now
  • Foreign Study Deadline Extended
  • Associated Student Government Sleeps Through Dorm Inspections Vote
  • Editorial Cartoon: Room Inspection Dragon, Gibbons
  • Deom, Paul. Clarifies Position
  • Simard, Don & Don Schroering. Commends Couple – Lori Mahoney, Michael Draper
  • Daughterty, Tom. Wishes Team Luck
  • Beshear, Tom. Calls Film Degrading – Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Delta Sigma Pi Rated First
  • Comer, Diane. Attorney Interested in Dorm Inspection Case – Flora Stuart
  • Cunningham, Crystal. A Chance to Speak – Lisa Stevens, Elvis Stevens, Communication Disorders Clinic
  • Hess, Mark. Fans Rush to Meet Western Athletes, Coaches – Youth Red Towel Night
  • Runner, Katharyn. Land Between the Lakes a Camping Hideout
  • Comer, Diane. Associated Student Government Sponsors International Film, Dances
  • Western Gets Grant – Peace Corps
  • Skaggs, Phil. Seniors Could Hold Key to Regional – Track & Field
  • George, T.A. William Britt Likes Things Smooth, Simple
  • Heath, Mark. Toppers Remain 3rd in Rankings – Football
  • 10-K Road Race Scheduled Saturday
  • Raque, Sally. Runner Falls 3 Miles Short of 4 Years Goal – Jenny Watkins
  • Roster – Tennis, Intramurals


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