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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Johnson, Nathan. Dirty Work Simplified at Laundries Near Campus
  • Meet Challenge of Dorm Room with Some Personal Touches
  • Suiter, Becky. Library Services Varied
  • Wheeler, Fred. CLEP Exams Offer Course Credit
  • Students Staff 2 Publications
  • Galloway, Amy. Local Grocery Prices Show Little Change
  • Sheets, Carol. Dining, Shopping Areas Can be Reached on Foot
  • Transportation Access Adds Shopping Variety
  • Church Centers Near Campus Offer Fellowship
  • Hall, Jim. Speeches, Trips, Host Families Acquaint Foreign Students to City
  • O’Connor, Maureen. Carded I.D. Opens Up Campus Activities
  • Skaggs, Phil. Campus Post Office Offers Personality
  • Skaggs, Phil. Automatic Tellers Offer Fast Cash, Convenience
  • STAN Numbers Allow Toll Calls – Student Telephone Account Number
  • Hall, Jim & Becky Suiter. City, University Provide Health, Counseling Help
  • Campus Food Plan Saves Money
  • Car Ticketing to Begin Saturday
  • Faulkner, Robin. Getaway: Car Pooling Will be One Way to Leave Town
  • Deficient Grades Cause Probation
  • Off-Campus Job List Available
  • Bookstore Extends Hours, Long Lines Await Buyers
  • Phone Books Expected in October
  • Mitchell, Cyndi. Budget Cut Extent not Yet Known
  • Wheeler, Fred. Tripling Solves Housing Crunch
  • Comer, Diane & Cyndi Mitchell. First Student Takes Council on Higher Education Seat
  • Neat, Sharon. Students Feel Financial Pinch
  • Editorial Cartoon: Stuffing Phone Booth, Gibbons
  • Your Turn – Herald Readers Can Contribute
  • Galloway, Amy. City Seemed Satisfied with J.R. Ewing Facsimile – Stan Cottrell
  • Sandman, Ellen. Public Safety to Stop Jumping Car Batteries
  • Cable Failure Causes Partial Blackout
  • Suiter, Becky. Chemistry Training Leads William Lloyd to New Job as Ogden College Dean
  • George Overstreet Heads WKU Owensboro Program
  • Donald Zacharias on Radio Show Today
  • Hess, Mark. Robert Mounce Will Accept Presidency
  • Sandman, Ellen. Changes in Education Department Few
  • Johnson, Nathan. 11 Malay Students Begin Year Trip Shopping Center
  • Council on Higher Education Delays Degree Approval
  • Skaggs, Phil. Most Favor Five-Week Summer Sessions
  • University Center Board Programs Limited
  • Wheeler, Fred. Campus Radio Returns – WKYU
  • Credit Available Through Kentucky Educational Television
  • Carter, Robert. Thieves Find Fraternity Houses Easy Mark – Sigma Chi
  • Farm Suffers $80000 Loss When Cows Hit by Lightning – Agriculture
  • Comer, Diane. Associated Student Government Wants Stronger Voice in Policy Making
  • Coal Research to Continue Here
  • School Reduces Telephone Bill
  • Pinkston, Janet. Alumna Sings Thank-Yous for Success – Sheila Jackson
  • Pinkston, Janet. New Beech Bend Owner Giving Grounds a Facelift – Ronnie Milsap
  • Pinkston, Janet. Cable TV Franchise to be Signed – Storer Communications
  • Bowling Green Singers Announce Schedule
  • Sheets, Carol. Kentucky Museum Moves to Kentucky Building
  • Boles, Barbara. Bowling Green Past Boasts Culture, Trade
  • Raque, Sally & Barbara Boles. Catty Performance Stars in Bell, Book and Candle – Ebony Jete


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