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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Hancock, Catherine. 6 Teachers Ask for Salary Schedule
  • Judd, Alan. John Y. Brown Hasn’t Made Plans for Education
  • Morris, Ken. Louie Nunn Platform Calls for New State Panel
  • Beshear, Tom. Faculty, Student Pleased with Donald Zacharias Meetings
  • $6,871 Theft Reported
  • Employees Need Lobby, Not Union
  • Gibbons, Roland. Editorial Cartoon – WKU Staff
  • Judd, Alan. Trouble Brewing at Good News University
  • Boehm, Steve. Endorses John Y. Brown
  • Salato, Nancy. Love for Parents Sustains Student
  • Gordon, David. College Bowl Coming
  • Zoeller, Greg. Lambda Chi Alpha Gives Thanks
  • Weather Causes Graduate to Halt Run Across Sate – Stan Cottrell
  • Vandalism in Pearce-Ford Tower Results in Mischief Charge – Charles Hall
  • Salato, Nancy. Chief Executive: Almost President Entertains 2500 – Pat Paulsen
  • 1,490 Concert Tickets Sold – Pablo Cruise
  • Beaty, Lisa. Reading Class Focuses on Children Tales
  • Virgil Hale, Pam Helton Scheduled for Recital on Tuesday
  • Gemini 79 Tour of South Pacific Rewarding
  • SALT II Lecture Today – Robert Perito, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
  • Bilbrey, Greg. Jack Sagabiel in City Commission Campaign
  • John Y. Brown Has Student Support
  • Stewart, Kevin. Western Faces Crucial Ohio Valley Conference Test – Football
  • Young, Monte. Salary Not Only Qualm, Lee Murray Says
  • Wigginton, Scott. Net Results? Coach Not Optimistic about Kentucky Women’s Intercollegiate Conference – Tennis
  • George, Tommy. Toppers Should Coast to Ohio Valley Conference Championship – Track & Field
  • George, Tommy. Joe Bugel Adds Spark to Houston Oiler Offense
  • Younkin, Linda. Team to Compete in Ohio Valley Conference Tourney – Track & Field
  • Young, Monte. Eddie Preston Catches Coaches Attention
  • Stoner, Bob. Quarterback Doubled as Herald Sports Editor – Leo Peckenpaugh
  • Wigginton, Scott. Ex-Topper Goes from Pigskins to Udders – Elvis Donaldson
  • Stewart, Kevin. Rick Green Motivator of 1975 Team
  • George, Tommy. David Carter, Tony Towns Find Happiness with Houston Oilers
  • Potter, Jerry. ‘69 Football Star Happy at Ole Miss – Romeo Crennel
  • Heath, Mark. Yogi: Former All-American Was a Colorful Character – Jim Hardin
  • Stewart, Kevin. What Ever Happened to Kavin McGrath?


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