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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Carpenter, Steve. Instructors, Tutors Can Help Students with Poor Grades
  • Galloway, Amy. Sorting Clothes, Following Directions Keeps Whites White
  • 120 Clubs Available on Campus
  • Salato, Nancy. Sororities Trying to Get New Members This Week
  • Beaty, Lisa. Decorations Brighten Dorms
  • Fish, Tim. ID Opens Door to Activities
  • Area Offers Several Movie Theaters
  • Last Year’s Textbooks Bring Regular Price Until Tomorrow
  • Mason, Cecila. Police Won’t Ticket Cars Till Next Week
  • Yearbook, Newspaper Produced by Students
  • Plantinga, Judy. Health Clinic Teats Students
  • Morris, Melody. Bowling, Skating Among City Activities
  • Owen, Karen. Campus Post Office Just as Good as Main Branch
  • STAN Numbers Needed for Long-Distance Calls – Student Telephone Account Number
  • Hancock, Catherine. 8 Campus Libraries Useful to Students
  • Whitaker, David. CLEPing Out
  • Price of Meal Tickets Pushed Up by Inflation
  • Galloway, Amy. Banks Keep Cash Flowing
  • Many Services Available to Foreigners
  • Fish, Tim. Smoothness Characterizes Start of Donald Zacharias’ Term
  • Malone, Roger. 200 Grant Checks May be Delayed
  • Galloway, Amy. Two Banks to install Campus Machines
  • Campus Telephone Directory to be Available in October
  • Carpenter, Steve. Chi Omegas Abandon Plans for House
  • Health, Education & Welfare Ruling Favorable to Western
  • Western’s Regionalism May Lessen
  • Gibbons, Roland. Editorial Cartoon – Soldier at Registration
  • Anderson, Walt. Supports Louie Nunn
  • Judd, Alan. Steady Thump of Disco Sickening
  • Contributors Can Help the Herald by Meeting Deadlines, Conditions
  • Judd, Alan. Pay Raises Top Priority
  • Owen, Karen. Dorms Overflowing for Fall
  • 1,600 Juniors, Seniors to Pay Tuition in Garrett Tomorrow
  • Bilbrey, Greg. Changes Reduce Means of Escape – Transportation
  • Talisman Due Next Month
  • Beshear, Tom. State Task Force to Consider Need for Owensboro Center – WKU Owensboro
  • Judd, Alan. Western Looking for Doctor; Search Might Prove Difficult
  • Judd, Alan. Freshman Move In, Grow Up
  • Mason, Cecelia. Police Offer Help in Stopping Theft
  • Carpenter, Steve. Wages May be Based on Job Rank
  • Fall Enrollment Likely to be Stable
  • Beshear, Tom. Randall Capps Named Donald Zacharias Aide
  • Sex Designations Change in Dorms
  • Whitaker, David. Renovation Budget Priority
  • Dero Downing Selected to Head College Heights Foundation


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