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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Wood, Michele. Student Seat on Council of Higher Education Denied
  • Stewart, Kevin. Few Tickets May Still be Sold – NCAA Tournament
  • Hayter, Susan. Teacher Says Most Worries Over Taxes Unnecessary
  • Comer, Diane. Columbian Students Here Denounce Embassy Siege
  • Conspiracy: NCAA Ticket Lottery Produces Sure Things
  • Gibbons, Roland. Editorial Cartoon – NCAA Tournament Ticket Lottery
  • Associated Student Government Activities Office Ready for Change
  • Tournament Parking James Need Solution
  • Powell, Joanne. School Not Exclusive
  • Bray, Jeannie, Trey Trumbo Complimented
  • Richardson, Brenda. March Nutrition Month
  • Cardenas, Juan. Students Oppose Leftists – Columbia
  • Few Vending Machines Work
  • Runner, Katharyn. Teacher Requirements May be Increased Soon
  • Owensboro Man Wins Fraternity Award – Earl Fischer, Delta Sigma Pi
  • Jones, Linda. Dropping Required Language Classes not Uncommon
  • Western Receives Grant – Texas Gas Transmission Corporation
  • McCord, Tom. Ivan Wilson Likeness on Display in Arts Center
  • Cosman, Shawn & Jana Johnson. Professors Conduct Poll of Kentuckians
  • Pinkston, Janet. Revolution in Iran Aided by U.S. Professor George Masannat Says
  • Beshear, Tom. Author Warns of Future Changes – Ted Howard
  • Stewart, Kevin. Scalping Abounds as Tournament Nears
  • Heath, Mark. Toppers to Defend Title – Swimming
  • Younkin, Linda. Youth, Injury Caused Disappointing Season – Basketball
  • Stewart, Kevin. If Weather Cooperates, Tops will Open Saturday – Baseball
  • Stoner, Bob. Barby Shields Has Enjoyed Her Sport – Gymnastics


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