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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Galloway, Amy. 54-Hour Rule is Delayed by Regents
  • Stewart, Kevin. Student Tickets for Tournament Will be Raffled
  • Comer, Diane. Teachers Fight Inflation as Landlords
  • Beshear, Tom & Alan Judd. Regents Committee to Plan Donald Zacharias Inauguration
  • New Doctor Begins Work – Harold Western Kentucky University
  • Missing Car is Located – Chester Davis
  • 54-Hour Requirement Delayed, May Still Face Challenge in Review
  • Gibbons, Roland. Editorial Cartoon – March Comes in as Lion
  • Cummins, Lex. Another View of Moonies – Unification Church
  • Salem, Max. Commentary Criticized
  • Schwab, Edmond. Apathy Strikes Again
  • Dark and Lovely – Miss Black Western
  • Wood, Michele. Faculty Urged to Write State about Salaries
  • Wood, Michele. Bill Would Change Duties of Associated Student Government Activities Officer
  • Professors to Appear on TV – Georg Bluhm,
  • Comer, Diane. Contestants Pleased by Game Results – Dating Game
  • Sheets, Carol. Summer Salaries Raised
  • 4 Faculty Awards Offered
  • Sophomore Dies in Wreck – Dawn Greene
  • George, Tommy. Toppers Capture Ohio Valley Conference Tournament
  • Stewart, Kevin. Conference Tournament a Toughie, but a Rougher Road Lies Ahead
  • Younkin, Linda. University of Louisville Beats Tops in Kentucky Women’s Intercollegiate Conference
  • Western Falters in First Outing – Tennis


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