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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Mitchell, Cyndi. Laundry Facilities Low Here
  • Sheets, Carol. Classes Can’t Identify Famous People
  • Cold Weather Expected After 2-inch Snowfall
  • Bilbrey, Greg. Agriculture Professor Heads Commission Responsible for City’s Beauty – James Martin
  • Mitchell, Cyndi. TV Credit Available to Students, Others
  • Draft Registration Could Salvage Military
  • Gibbons, Roland. Editorial Cartoon – Draft Registration
  • Schwab, Ed. Latecomers Refused Tickets
  • Baughman, Henry. Comments on Phone Costs
  • Associated Student Government Introduces Resolution for Break-Even Book Sales
  • College Bowl Champions Go to Regional Tournament
  • Cosman, Shawn. Store Gets 20% on New Books
  • Starlings on Farm Tagged for Feedlot Losses Study
  • University Center Board Plans Concert, Coffee House
  • McCord, Tom. New Arts Director Promoting Expansion – Bowling Green-Warren County Arts Commission
  • Cosman, Shawn. Evaluation of Cable TV Received by Area Officials
  • Coal Option, Laboratory Added
  • Booklet Designed to Draw Part-Time Students Here
  • Credit Union Offers Worker Loans
  • Kentucky Author Subject of Class – Jesse Stuart
  • Bell, Lesa. Decline in GPA’s Insignificant Dean Faye Robinson Says
  • Morehead State University Invades Tonight; Eastern Kentucky University Re-Match Saturday – Basketball
  • Ohio Valley Conference needs Uniform System Indicating When Games End
  • Stoner, Bob. Del Hessel Hopes to Learn Something
  • Eastern – Western Rivalry Getting Special Attention
  • Younkin, Linda. Tops Face Lady Eagles
  • Heath, Mark. Undefeated Toppers Face Rolla, Evansville – Swimming


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