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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Galloway, Amy. Sun Booths Darken Skin Even on Cloudy Days
  • Carpenter, Steve. Employee Group Alive but Quiet – Classified Employee Organization
  • Penn State Professor to Lecture on 1920s Spelunker Floyd Collins – Robert Murray
  • Sophomore Dies in Auto Accident – Joseph Emberton
  • Inauguration Will be a Hollow Honor – Donald Zacharias
  • Gibbons, Roland. Zacharias Installation
  • Doctors’ Job Should be Made More Attractive
  • Whicker, Gene. Iran’s Area in Error?
  • Pulley, Alice. Part-Time Student Discrimination?
  • McElroy, Mary. Safe Energy Needed
  • Irons, Tom. Yell-Leaders Recognized – Cheerleaders
  • Schwab, Ed. Ad Campaign Supported
  • Norfleet, Morris. Ohio Valley Conference Coverage Praised
  • Jos, Philip. Library Closing Upsetting
  • Fowler, Debra. Pond is Eyesore – Kentucky Building
  • Bullis, Cele. International Dinner Not Organized
  • Fraternity Denied Permission to Move – Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Hayter, Susan. $230,000 in Grants Available
  • McCord, Tom. Disc Jockey’s Music Show Becomes Call-in Program – WBGN, Bob Molloy
  • Western Kentucky University, University of Kentucky to Cooperate in Nursing
  • Breaking Away – Spring Break
  • Debate Team Places Second – Forensics Team
  • Wheeler, Fred. Club Members Plant-Sit for Students During Break – Circle K Club
  • Bahamas Trip Planned – Biology
  • Kolarik, Kim & Diane Olson. Garp to be Performed Today – In Kansas
  • Kentucky Museum to Reopen
  • Wood, Michele. Guideline Bill Delayed; Some File for Associated Student Government Offices
  • WKYU-FM Station Gets $78,000 Grant
  • German Major Receives Award to Study Abroad
  • 1,100 Students to be Honored
  • Heath, Mark. Toppers Face University of Indiana Here Today
  • Stoner, Bob. Tops Warm-Up in Home Meet – Track & Field
  • Younkin, Linda. Freshman Set Records in Discus & Javelin – Lorri Kokkola, Victoria Gay
  • Stewart, Kevin. 100 or So Hopefuls Out for Football Team
  • Stewart, Kevin. Illness and Week Layoff May Hurt Tops in Tournament – Tennis
  • Younkin, Linda. Western Looking for First Win in Weekend Matches at Richmond – Tennis
  • Stewart, Kevin. Murray State University Loses Mike Gottfried to Arizona State; University of Tennessee Aide Named Coach at Tech – Thomas Deaton
  • Webb, Kevin. Western Sixth of 16 Teams – Golf


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