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April Fool's Day edition of the College Heights Herald.

  • Collins, Peachy. University Bankrupt; Bake Sale Planned
  • Perkins, Marlin. Mascot not Guilty in Rubber Check Scam – Big Red
  • Stalworth, Stella. Beatles Not Selling
  • World Ends Hurld Learns
  • Tomalou, Skip. Additions Increase Cost of President’s New Home
  • Play Gets Ax for Nazi Portrayals
  • Death Stinks
  • Alung. Editorial Cartoon – Death Stinks
  • Mathers, Jerry. Faculty Restrooms: How the Other Half Lives
  • Burns, Biff. Donald Zacharias Reveals Views on Weather, Family, Tops
  • Student Napalms Campus Shrubs
  • Steed, Skip. Russellville Snatches Summer Olympics
  • Hilltoppers Look Sharp in First Meet of Season
  • Terry Bradshaw, Vince Lombardi Signed for Football Team
  • Bando, Sal. Lady Mud Wrestlers Train
  • Athletic Scholarship Competency Test


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