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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Runner, Katharyn. Continued High Scores Concern Few Officials
  • Runner, Katharyn. Grades Typically High in Graduate Courses
  • Speech Contest Tuesday
  • Sheets, Carol. Student Group to Raise Money
  • Mitchell, Cyndi. Students Battling White Whale Look
  • Bloss. Editorial Cartoon – Overweight Students
  • Wood, Michele. Game Show, Gotcha Teachers Hard to Tolerate
  • Puritt, Vernon. Video Games Supported
  • Murphree, Jack. Store Sells New, Used Footwear – Beaty’s Shoes
  • Study-Abroad Programs Offered
  • Schepers, Annette. Students Fly South for Spring Break
  • Pillow, Robert. Committee Absentees Delay Associated Student Government Action
  • Academic Council May Change Theater Requirements
  • Dormitories to Remain Open until March 8
  • Allen, Chris. Carmen Flirts After a Year’s Rehearsal
  • Kentucky Museum Exhibiting Contemporary Art
  • Beshear, Tom. John Prine Presents Mixture of Message, Nonsense
  • George, Tommy. Tops Hope to Deal Cardinals a Loss - Basketball
  • Skaggs, Phil. Host Middle Tennessee State University Blocking Path to Ohio Valley Conference Crown – Track & Field
  • Skaggs, Phil. Alex Mosley Appreciates Fans’ Support, Clem Haskins’ Fairness
  • Western to Face Eastern Kentucky University – Gymnastics


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