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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Stone, Tom. Kentucky Greeks Discus Problems
  • Harris, Carla. Grants Are Available, Groups Say
  • Humphreys, Mack. Suitcasers Avoid New Relationships, Independence
  • Malmer, Victoria. 2 French Students Sentenced – Alain Bertoni, Gilles Bertocchi
  • Interhall Council Asks for Priority in Snow
  • Olash, John. John Olash Lashes Back – Greeks
  • Dilmarter, Ronald. Caveman Applauds – Barbershop Quartet
  • Harper, Tim. Trumps Talisman – Floyd Collins
  • Immediate Action Could Deflate Inflated Grades
  • Knapp, Kevin. Editorial Cartoon – Grade Inflation
  • Hornback, Sharon. Jim Wayne Miller’s Poem Part of Textbook
  • Hitchcock, Lisa. Old-Fashioned Valentines Add Charm Class – Kentucky Museum
  • Veatch, Scott. Despite Expense, Skiing Is Hot
  • Faculty Art Exhibit Ends Thursday
  • Dental Lab Improved
  • Hutcherson, Jackie. Disney Jobs Aren’t All Fun and Games
  • University Center Board Plans Valentine Dance
  • Carlton, Chad. Weather Dampens Fraternity Dry Rush
  • Robertson, Marcia. Departments Must Allot Money for Field Trips
  • Beaux Arts Architectural Exhibit Opens
  • Hitchcock, Lisa. Federal Cuts Could Hurt Students Receiving Aid
  • Hart, John. Group Shines Up Brass Music – Canadian Brass
  • Phone Outage Disconnects Campus
  • Gott, Doug. Tops Beat Lady Blazers for 19th Win – Basketball
  • Woods, Brent. Cold Shooting Key in Western Loss to University of Alabama-Birmingham – Basketball
  • Key, Julius. Western’s Top Prospect Kicked Off Team – Baseball, Darrell Hughes
  • Givan, Steve. Dave Roberts Collects 21 Oral Commitments – Football
  • Thomas, Steve. Reporters Find Entertainment at Boring Game
  • Key, Julius. Cam Hubbard Sets Two Mile Record – Track & Field
  • Veatch, Scott. Tops Compete at Southern Illinois University – Swimmin


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