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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Pack, Todd. Professors Differ on Evaluations
  • Jessie, Lisa. One Associated Student Government Member Writes Most of Congress Bills – Bill Schilling
  • Eagleston, Leigh. Inauguration Sparks Look Back at Leaders – Presidents
  • Duff, Jill. Mitchell McKinney’s Future in College Classroom
  • Eagleston, Leigh. Students Sing and Hang the Green
  • White, Douglas. NCAA Studies Athletes’ Graduation
  • Task Force on Evaluations Must Finish Homework Soon
  • Barry, Julia. Editorial Cartoon – Evaluation Task Force
  • Malmer, Victoria. Time for Others May Be the Best Christmas Present
  • Lewis, Norma. Help with Lights
  • Palmore, John. Surprised by Quote
  • McFarland, Sam. Blessed Are the Peacemakers
  • McClure, Molly. Habit is Repulsive – Smoking
  • Duff, Jill. Madrigal Feast
  • Student Hit by Car in Front of Cherry Hall Yesterday – Edward Day
  • Proctor, Tammy. Class Looks at Tough Medical Decisions – Philosophy
  • Eagleston, Leigh. Stressing Relaxation Can Help in Battle with Stress
  • College Heights Herald, Talisman Name Editors
  • Medley, Joe. Cards Deal Toppers 60-58 Loss – Basketball
  • Gott, Doug. Questions Still Unanswered after Bitter Loss to University of Louisville
  • Woehler, Eric. Relay Team Shatters Pool Record – Swimming
  • Vanderbilt Univresity Beats Lady Toppers


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