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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Collins, Michael. Former Student Hurt in Grenada – William Eskridge
  • Newton, Tommy. Campus Wept with Nation – John F. Kennedy Assassination
  • Norton, Wilma. One Professor Remembers – Francis Thompson
  • Carlton, Chad & Karen Whitaker. Movie Draws Student Attention –The Day After
  • Professor Killed in Wreck – Norman Ehresman
  • Whitaker, Karen. Academic Council Approves Class Changes
  • Whitaker, Karen. Reporter Faces Weighty Problem – Diet
  • Bloss, Lou. Gordon Liddy Shows Limits of Man’s Willpower
  • Felty, Jeff. Responds to Letter, Defends Jack Smith
  • Elder, Greg. Criticizes Herald Coverage, Comments
  • Paul, Steve. Teachers Question Grade Scale
  • Whitaker, Karen. Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble Dances the Blues
  • Low Attendance Cancels United Black Students Officer Nominations
  • Woods, Brent. North Hall Beats Lambda Chi’s in Flag Football Championship
  • Grace, Lee. Western vs. Old Dominion University for Tourney Title – Basketball
  • Thomas, Steve. Turkish National Team Spoils Western’s Debut, 59-58 – Basketball
  • Thomas, Steve. Danny Jenkins Shines, but Toppers Lose – Football
  • Mathis, Mark. Paul Gray Provides Bright Spot
  • Rugby Shines While Others Falter
  • Thomas, Steve. Racquetball Tourney Raises $2,000
  • Ashley Johnson Finishes 13th to Win All-American Honor


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