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Special edition of the College Heights Herald featuring articles:

  • Jessie, Lisa. Section Tells on Herald
  • Adams, Bob. Adviser Instills Good Judgment, but Leaves Decisions to Students
  • College Heights Herald History
  • Pack, Todd. News Covers More Than Happenings
  • Woehler, Eric. Sometimes Space Decides What’s a Story
  • Brown, Matthew. Photographs Speak Louder Than Words
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Give Complaints to Our Ombudsman
  • Campusline & Callboard
  • Here Is How We Put the Herald Together
  • Burnam, Darian. Herald Brought to Campus Hot Off the Presses
  • Houk, David. Advertising Pays Herald’s Way
  • Poore, Chris. Small Staff Limits Number of Sports Herald Can Cover
  • For the Record
  • Thompson, JoAnn. Newspaper Must Be Run Like a Business
  • Richards, Toya. Opinion Page Offers Chance to Sound Off
  • Joining the Herald


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