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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Carlton, Chad. More State Money Needed to Mend Decaying Campus
  • Eagleston, Leigh Ann. Two Seniors Offer Friendship, Support to Poor at Girls’ Club
  • Turner, Todd. Chemistry Labs Top Capital Requests
  • Filer, Debbie L. Fairy God Advisors Are Student’s Dream Come True
  • Knapp, Kevin. Student Advisors Editorial Cartoon
  • Primary Elections Run Smoother Than Before
  • Villanueva, Bob. Commuters Endure Driving Hassles
  • Wellness Results Available
  • Hitchcock, Lisa. Students Oppose Business College Renaming Degree
  • Villanueva, Bob. Teaching Couples Enjoy Their Work Together
  • Interhall Council Approves Request for Phone in Building – Grise Hall
  • Sullivan, Laura. Homecoming Queen Candidates
  • Edelen, Mark. Regents Send Funding Requests to Frankfort
  • Parson, Kim. Voting Today for Freshmen Officers, Eight Homecoming Queen Nominees
  • Turner, Todd. Industrial & Engineering Department Planning to Keep Up with Technology
  • Food Stamps Now Taken for Staples at Tower Shop
  • Phonathon Drive Begins Today
  • Harris, Carla. Organizations Haunting Houses – Alpha Gamma Rho, Lamda Chi, Sigma Kappa, Phi Delta Theta
  • Richards, Toya. International Festival Brings Campus Culture
  • Bright, Barry. View of Halley’s Comet will be Poor in Spring Pass
  • Barnhart, Rebecca. University Rewards Professors for Contributions and Work
  • Gott, Doug. Tops Take 51-21 Beating at Richmond – Football
  • Woods, Brent. For Every Athlete Who Flunks Out, Dozens Don’t
  • Woods, Brent. Big Game Turns Out to be Big Letdown for Fans – Football
  • Jessie, Lisa. Improvement Shown in Louisville Invitational Meet – Tennis
  • Medley, Joe. Tops Win Three on Road, Prepare for SBC Tourney – Soccer
  • Lawrence, Lucretia. Spikers Play Well but Fall Short – Volleyball
  • Schureck, George. Field Down to 10 in Wild Card Round –Intramurals


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