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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Crumbie, Trey & Shelby Rogers. Anthem Hack Could Affect WKU Employees – Computer Security, Hacking
  • Cole, Tanner. Biology Department Speaker Causes Debate – Monsanto
  • Harney, Lashana. Student Government Association Exploring Possible Future Student Fees for Parking Structure – Parking & Transportation Services
  • Voorhees, Jessica. WKU Grows International Student Program Through Partnership with Oman
  • Lawson, Anna. Student Government Association Resolution Could Limit Campus Smoking Areas – Tobacco
  • Editorial Cartoon Dollar Bill in Parking Space
  • The Long Road to Parking: Administration Hits a Bull’s-Eye With Parking Solution – Parking & Transportation Services
  • French, Jackson. Jupiter Ascending Plummets – Movie Review
  • An Icy Dip Photo Spread – Snowman Splash
  • Crumbie, Trey. A Big Red Glass of Wine – WKU Vineyard, Agriculture
  • Harney, Lashana. French Performance Group Coming to Campus - Mummenschanz, Puppets
  • Ponder, Abby. Nationally Ranked High School Senior to Join Forensics Team – Brian Anderson
  • Martin, Madison. Christian Student Fellowship Planning Charity Concert – Hotel, Inc.
  • Reecer, John. WKU Soccer Adds Depth to Middle & Attacking Thirds
  • 2015 Lady Topper Soccer Recruiting Class
  • Frint, Hunter. Emmanuel Dasor, Carrol Hardy Shine at Meyo Invitational – Track & Field
  • Phillips, Jonah. Lady Toppers Push Past Sluggish Starts, Register Two Road Wins – Basketball
  • Rutledge, Billy. Hilltoppers Split Home Weekend to Stay Tied for First in Conference USA – Basketball
  • Richardson, Alexus. Miranda Kramer Throws Eighth No-Hitter in WKU History – Softball
  • Phillips, Jonah. Depth Added in 2015 WKU Signing Class – Football


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