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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Thomas, Steve. Attack Creates Safety Concerns
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Phonothon Dialing for Dollars
  • Hutcherson, Jackie. Pearce-Ford Tower Residents Brew Over Rule Enforcement
  • Turner, Todd. Gee, Beav, Why Don’t They Make TV Shows Like the Old Ones?
  • Tickets on Sale for Saturday Symphony
  • Opinion: Confiscating Signs Could Infringe on Rights
  • Knapp, Kevin. Editorial Cartoon – Confiscated Signs
  • Meehan, Mary. Players Need to Examine Their View of Education – Basketball
  • Holloway, Donna. Supports Barbara Johnson
  • Sullivan, Sheila. Business Ethics Class Offered
  • Ashley Johnson to Defend Title in Wendy’s Classic
  • Parson, Kim. Groups Want a Snowy Weather Class Schedule
  • Hitchcock, Lisa. Prime Mime: Student Clowns Through School – Sandy Pomerantz
  • Lovett, Greg. Red romps White – Basketball
  • Gott, Doug. At Middle Tennessee State University, Tops Will Get a Look at No. 1 Team – Football
  • Gott, Doug. Dave Roberts Must Live with Ohio Valley Conference Referees – This Year
  • Lawrence, Lucretia. Roadrunner, Olympian Tony Staynings Still Going Strong
  • Medley, Joe. Strikers Look for First Tourney Win – Soccer
  • Schureck, George. No. 1 Sigma Nu to Face Renegades for Crown – Intramurals
  • Lawrence, Lucretia. Tops Beat Murray for 2nd Time – Volleyball


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