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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Carlton, Chad. Secrecy, Threats Mark Last Search – Presidential Search
  • Hutcherson, Jackie. Business Booms at Homecoming
  • Pack, Todd. Years Have Changed Role of Campus Police
  • Filer, Debbie L. Opinion: Homecoming Brings Home Changes
  • Drunk Driving Ruins Happy Homecoming
  • Knapp, Kevin. Editorial Cartoon – Drunk Driving
  • McClure, Danielle. Supports Patsy Sloan
  • Payne, Barkley. Patsy Sloan Capable Leader
  • Beshear, Tom. Questions Campaign – Young Republicans
  • Carlton, Chad. Paul Cook Leading Inside Candidate for President
  • Tharp, Dennis. Thoughts on Editorial – Young Republicans
  • Fudge, Felicia. Praises Story – Fantasy Role Playing Games
  • Parson, Kim. Associated Student Government Debates Grade-Point Average for Members
  • Harris, Carla & Jackie Hutcherson. Hare Krishnas to Crayons, They’re All Dressed to Thrill
  • Hart, John. Spooky: Students Encounter Their Own Haunted House
  • Freshmen Get First Taste of Tradition
  • Thomas, Steve. Off-Campus Housing Called Safe
  • Humphreys, Mack. Owners Say Problems Numerous – Off-Campus Housing
  • Meehan, Mary. Some Prefer Privacy of Apartments
  • Thomas, Steve. Western’s Fire Safety Superior, Officials Say
  • Malmer, Victoria. Legal System a Final Answer for Tenants and Landlords
  • Parson, Kim. Council of Higher Education to Discuss Tuition Increase
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Public Radio Begins Fund Drive
  • Public Safety Director Paul Bunch Named President of State Association
  • Second Nominee Known –Edward Hammond
  • Villanueva, Bob. Organizations Rush to Complete Floats for Parade – Homecoming
  • Brake, Jo. ROTC Planning First Reunion
  • Downing University Center Board Elects Fine Members to be Chairman and Vice Chairman
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Big Red’s Roar to Rock Diddle Arena Friday
  • Parson, Kim. About 20 Votes Separate Top Two in Associated Student Government Election
  • Homecoming Business as Usual for Public Safety, City Police
  • Cravens, Jayne. Signs in Central America Promising, Diplomat Says – Shepard Lowman
  • Sullivan, Sheila. Christian Radio Station to Begin in January – WCVK-FM
  • Homecoming Schedule
  • Givan, Steve. Inside: A Week with the Toppers – Football
  • Gott, Doug. Morehead Limps into Tops’ Homecoming at 1-7
  • Medley, Joe. Ex-Tops to Share Memories – 1975 Football Team
  • Jones, Paige. An All-American – James Burt
  • Gott, Doug. Defense Presents Weak Case
  • Medley, Joe. South Florida May Push Toppers in Sun Belt Meet – Cross Country
  • Medley, Joe. Mecit Koydemir Sets Mark for Goals – Soccer


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