UA12/2/1 College Heights Herald, Vol. 61, No. 54

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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Stone, Tom. Sonny Smith Leans Away from Topper Bid – Basketball
  • Givan, Steve. Businessmen Try to Subsidize Pay – Basketball
  • Hutcherson, Jackie. Tim Todd Wins Election; Accusations Abound
  • Jessie, Lisa. Finals Week Doesn’t Have to be Stress-Filled
  • Hutcherson, Jackie. More Campus Lighting Requested in 11 Spots
  • English Professor Thomas Jones Jr. Dies
  • Cravens, Jayne. Discussion Explores Views of Christians, Humanists
  • Athletic Emphasis Should Be Reconsidered
  • Barry, Julia. Editorial Cartoon – Academic Court Jesters
  • Pranks, Accusations Mar Associated Student Government Races
  • Gleason, Kelly. Anti-Nuclear Day Planned – United Campuses to Prevent Nuclear War
  • 521 Pints Collected in Blood Drive
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Police to Hold Road Block on College Street Tonight
  • Klausnitzer, Dorren. Performers Sing, Dance and Work, Too. – Up With People
  • Cravens, Jayne. Comic Car Makers Drive Audience to Laughter – Gung Ho
  • Student Government Election Results
  • General Motors Subsidiary May Keep Western on Recruiting List
  • Medley, Joe. Weekend Series Could Be Catalyst – Baseball
  • Lawrence, Lucretia. Michelle Clark Inks; Amy Mickelson Heads West – Basketball
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Dave Roberts Confident in Practices – Football
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Tough Competition Awaits ‘Top’ Runners in Knoxville – Track & Field
  • Jim Richards Expects Good Play in Tourney – Golf


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