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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Aubespin, Eleska & Dorren Klausnitzer. Black Greeks Must Recruit to Survive, Some Say
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Required Advising Starts Soon
  • Chattin, John. Commuters Have More Drive, Go Extra Mile for School
  • Duff, Jill. 386 Vote in Freshman Primary
  • Historians Talk of Old Times Not Forgotten
  • Stronger System Needed Before Black Greeks Build
  • Barry, Julia. Editorial Cartoon – Student Loans, Tuition
  • Patrick, Kelli & Toya Richards. Better Understanding Will Cause More Unity Among Greeks
  • Carlton, Chad. Many Will Miss Bill Bivin
  • Klausnitzer, Dorren. Students Play Dirty in Volleyball Games
  • Loan Program in Debt
  • News Director Wins Award – Time England, Kate Smith
  • W-4 Tax Forms Must Be Filed Today
  • Residence Hall Association Schedules Activities Week
  • Duff, Jill. Making a Capitol Debut – Public Theatre of Kentucky
  • Albrecht, Dana. Company Hopes its Glass Menagerie Will Outshine Those of Others – Public Theatre of Kentucky
  • Pullen, Terri. Youths’ Desire for Truth Destroyed by Universities – The Closing of the American Mind
  • Fiction Contest Offers $500
  • KET Shows Videos Oct. 5 – Bowling Green High School
  • Chattin, John. Album Needs Emotional Rescue –Primitive Cool by Mick Jagger
  • Chattin, John. 10,000 Maniacs’ Music Carries a Message –In My Tribe
  • New Radio Reader Begins – Dick Estell
  • Turner, Todd. Snooters Win Battle of Undefeated – Intramurals
  • Key, Julius. No Football Won’t Mean Empty Stands – Soccer
  • Woehler, Eric. Richmond Native Ready for His Own Homecoming – Football, Jeff Griffith
  • Chandler, Mark. Weekend Tourney to Set Final Seeds - Volleyball
  • Hernes, Tom. Richard Lennox Injury Doesn’t Derail Diligent Tops – Golf
  • Wayne Chapman Tabs Kern Alexander, not Dan Davis, in Tourney Mix-Up – Basketball
  • By the Numbers – Football, Intramurals, Volleyball
  • Woehler, Eric. Mark Johnson’s Goals Still Attainable
  • Hernes, Tom. Weekend Matches Will Test Strength of Five Freshmen – Tennis
  • Shacklette, Buddy. Beth Millay’s Success Unpredicted – Track & Field
  • Freshman Lady Topper Out with Injury – Nancy Crutcher
  • Tickets Left for Eastern-Western Game
  • Racquetball Sign-Up Deadline Tomorrow
  • Associated Student Government Passes Crosswalk Resolution


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