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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Hoppes, Lynn. Poorest State University Pushes for More Money
  • Fullen, Rebecca & Cindy Stevenson. Women Still Braving Chill in Classrooms, Activist Says
  • Patrick, Kelli. Students Work While Sun Shines, Then Burn Midnight Oil
  • Klausnitzer, Dorren. Dorm Residents Discuss Sex, Love.
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Responsibility Key to Population Control
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Cooperative Study with China Final
  • Enrollment Falls Short of Record
  • Campus Phone Books Due Soon
  • Agreement Lets Music Shows Climb to New Pitch of Quality
  • Barry, Julia. Editorial Cartoon – Kentucky Gubernatorial Race
  • Best Decision No Decision for Uninformed Students – Kentucky Gubernatorial Race
  • Wofford, Tracie. Resignations Help Residence Hall Association
  • Klesler, Anne & Jennifer Haydon. Cake Sale to Benefit Family – Panhellenic Association, Angie Norcia
  • Largen, Elizabeth.: Rules Improve Game – Alpha Delta Pi
  • Miracle, Phoenicia. Some Find Own Place to Worship
  • Western Represented at Meeting of Top Scientists
  • Summers, Jason. Campus Repairs Off Ground – Pearce-Ford Tower, Downing University Center, Thompson Complex
  • White, Douglas. Faculty Project Grants Increase for Third Year
  • Miracle, Phoenicia. Academic Team Wins Top honor at Murray
  • McIntire, Michelle. Club Coca-Cola to Perform at Diddle
  • Shacklette, Buddy. Kevin Banks Takes Bulls by the Horns, Individual Title – Track & Field
  • Shacklette, Buddy. With or Without Shoes, Women Coast to Crown – Track & Field
  • Woehler, Eric. Familiarity with Players Helps Sandra Jander Appreciate Team – Football
  • Turner, Todd. Title Game Rematch Impossible - Intramurals
  • Woehler, Eric. Keith Brantly Repels Jim Cooper, Wins Second Wendy’s 10K Classic
  • Shacklette, Buddy. Running Makes Bob Jones Feel 40 Instead of 55
  • Seven Hilltoppers Dot All-Sun Belt Team
  • Western Face Tennessee State Tonight – Volleyball
  • Hernes, Tom. Amy LaLance Leads Young Tops in Last Fall Meet – Tennis
  • Key, Julius. Year Ends with Smiles Not Tears for Hilltoppers – Soccer


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