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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Pack, Todd. Budget Crunch May Force Cap on Enrollment
  • Murphy, Nancy. Clinic changing Approach – Student Health Services
  • Gonnella, Jennie. Students Unhappy About Losing Rock House
  • Turner, Todd. Professor Robert Baum Got Sneak Preview of History in the Making
  • Hall, David. Station’s Move to FM to Increase Its Power
  • Asbestos Makes Repairs Dangerous – Cherry Hall
  • Fullen, Rebecca. Pizzazz’s Site Narrowed to Two
  • Losing Rock House, Identity Will Be Difficult
  • Editorial Cartoon – Greek Row vs. Rock House
  • Wallace Wilkinson Has to Face the Facts About State Money Eventually
  • Lowry III, Mark. Don’t Deter Thought
  • Cowan, James. Article Inaccuracies – Speed Limits
  • Gonnella, Jennie & Michelle McIntire. Community College Enrollment Has Quadrupled in 1 Year
  • Fullen, Rebecca. Students View Oliver North’s Slide Show About Contras
  • Poore, Chris. Calendar Girls Thrown to Sharks – Kappa Sigma
  • Professor Alan Anderson Nominated for Pulitzer
  • Lawson, Jamie. Changes Add Diversity to Religion Curriculum
  • 3 Apply for Post to Help Surveys – Center for Local Government Services
  • Women’s Alliance Award Takes Applicants
  • Residence Hall Association to Discuss Absenteeism
  • Carter, Darla. New Stop Adds Riders to Shuttle
  • Lambert, Michelle. Students Spring Before Break: Aerobics Classes Trim Waistlines
  • Freshman, 19, Reports Rape Friday
  • Student’s Truck Stolen, Used in Robbery – Jimmie White
  • Junior’s Rape Charge Amended to Sexual Misconduct in Hearing
  • Man Charged With Indecent Exposure
  • Terri Mann’s Knee Injury May Take Six Months to Heal
  • Shacklette, Buddy. Lady Topper Starters Watch End of Fifth Loss From Bench – Women’s Basketball
  • Key, Julius. Hilltoppers End Schedule’s Bulk Against UNCC – Basketball
  • Chandler, Mark. Shifty Bill Powell Readjusts, Maintains Perfect Record – Swimming
  • Pro Coach Joe Bugel’s Talent Surfaced Early
  • Grad Assistant Phillip Ryan Collects Only Track Title
  • Billiards Tournament on Cue This Afternoon


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