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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Hernes, Tom. Tuition to Rise, But Not By Reported 19 Percent
  • Hoppes, Lynn & Buddy Shacklette. Ball Dropped on Eligibility of Top Back – Herbert Davis
  • Turner, Karla. More Women Lighting Up for First Time – Smoking
  • Cholesterol Screening to be On Campus
  • Ogden Drive to be Blocked
  • WKYU-FM Wins Award
  • New Religious Group to Try to Meet Again - Lutheran Campus Outreach
  • Freshman Election to be Held Tuesday
  • Howard, Laura. Conference Targets Business – Institute for Economic Development
  • Enrollment Cap is Needed to Ensure Quality
  • Chattin, John. Editorial Cartoon – Thomas Meredith Putting Academic Standards Hat on Big Red
  • Day, Alex. Waiveable Fee Unfair – Public Interest Research Group
  • Vanderlinde, Roan. PIRG Helps Schools
  • Hodge Jr, Van. Great Show, Marching Band
  • Oppltz, R.J. Grammar Corrected
  • Corder, Ken. Fee is Impractical
  • Levis, Patrick. Letter to Mom, Dad
  • Barnes, Ron. PIRG Is a Good Deal
  • Howard, Laura. Live from Western . . . It’s Late Night Television
  • Turner, Karla. Mall Provides Quick Escape from Campus Doldrums
  • Frog Prince to Open – Theatre & Dance
  • Hulsman, Lynn. History of Luminous Motion Book Review
  • Chattin, John. Do the Right Thing Movie Review
  • Tsimekles, Diane. Buildings Garner Weak Rating
  • Fauver, Elizabeth. Funding Requested for WKU Glasgow Campus
  • Tatum, Doug. Tops Are Top Pick to Grab Classic – Soccer
  • Weber, Rob. University of Kentucky Meet Going to be a Challenge – Track & Field
  • Shacklette, Buddy. Western Tries to Break Hanger Field Streak – Football
  • Shacklette, Buddy. Robert Coates Looking to Eastern
  • Western to Play in Bench Tourney in Ohio – Golf
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Tops’ Sun Belt Season to Begin This Weekend – Volleyball
  • Huff, Steve. New Coach Really Knows the Game – Jeff Hulsmeyer
  • Tsimekles, Diane. Promotions Committees Set Up
  • Dice, Tracey. Controversial Cow Hormone Studied


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