Publication Date



Issue misnumbered Vol. 67, No. 6


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Mallon, T.J. Residents of East Hall Are Bugged – Housing & Residence Life
  • Tungate, Matthew. Slang Usage Here, There, Everywhere
  • Burnham, Maria. Two Students Promote New Political Party – Gary Houchens, Lorna Sackett
  • Flynn, Leslie. Sex: The More It Changes . . .
  • Enrollment Figures Released
  • Pick It Up: Don’t Trash Our Campus
  • Johnson, Steve. Editorial Cartoon Big Red Putting Trash in Bin
  • Appleby, David. Losing Jobs Big Deal
  • Powell, Teresa. Cooperate with USA – United Student Activists
  • Big Red Needs to Drop Drawers
  • Parrot, David. Dorm Wars Continue – Housing & Residence Life
  • Lewis, Brandi. Weekend Brings Golden Memories – Golden Anniversary Club
  • Anna, Cara. Journey Into the Light – Mammoth Cave
  • Mills, Jerry. Enrollment High for Geology, Geography Classes
  • Cassady, Pam. Professors Remember Yugoslavia Before War – David Lee, John Petersen
  • Shelton, Ellona. Cookbook to Feature Worldwide Recipes
  • Ang, Dawn. Old Furniture New Again – Surplus
  • Hannah, Jim. Faculty & Staff Fees Reasonable – Preston Health & Activities Center
  • Good, Epha. Stress: Yoga & Meditation Help Students Cope
  • James, Becky. Upkeep May Be Bid Out – Preston Health & Activities Center
  • Bryan, Angela. Four Bikes Stolen on Campus
  • Cline, Kenn. Exhibit Shows Off Style of Local Buildings – Kentucky Museum
  • Lindenberger, Michael. Preacher: Satanism Thrives in Bowling Green – Bob Buchanon
  • Tungate, Matthew. Spirit Masters: New Members Carry on Tradition
  • Carrico, Leigh. Big Red Shuttle Still Easiest Way for Some – Parking
  • Hannah, Jim. Thomas Meredith: Won’t Accept Pay Raise – Faculty Senate
  • Bryan, Angela. Accidents at Crosswalks Concern Public Safety – WKU Police
  • Irvine, Chris. Toppers Dominate in Second Game – Football
  • Batters, Tom. Golf Teams Start Out in Full Swing
  • Batters, Tom. Depth Pays Off For Cross Country
  • Kiggins, Pamela. Soccer Team Third in Weekend Tournament
  • Zirnheld, Nicole. Volleyball Team Prepares for Tough Week
  • Basketball Games Will Be on ESPN


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