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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Whitely, Jason. Hillary Clinton Sees Future in Eyes of 10-Year-Old – Asa Sparks
  • Lockert, Anya. Life Without Cars Drives Some Students Crazy
  • Bryan, Angela. Former Food Services Employee Is Arresed – Howard Lindsey, Dining Services
  • Cassady, Pam. Conference Focuses on Contributions, Ideas – Women’s Studies Conference
  • Kentucky Building Has New Hours
  • Busser, J.D. Hillary Clinton Draws Reactions from Students
  • Recycle: Do Your Part for Mother Earth
  • Johnson, Steve. Editorial Cartoon Trees Thanking WKU for Recycling
  • Landers, Denise & Britt Callender. Resident Assistants Here to Help You – Housing & Residence Life
  • Marshall, Aynsley. Styrofoam Deadly – Sustainability
  • Davis, Robert. Don’t Trash College Heights Herald
  • Cooley, Tammy. Rape: You Don’t Need a Weapon
  • Fisk, Brent. Ten Years on Disc – Compact Discs, Music
  • Cook, Drew. America’s Least Wanted Makes Ugly Kid Joe Wanted – Music Review
  • Gagliardi, Melissa. Alumnus Returns to Share Message, Entertain – Michael Card, Class of 1979
  • Hannah, Jim. Faculty Senate: Wants Tightening of University’s Accounts
  • Zirnheld, Nicole. Tops’ Record Falls to 3-8 After Defeat – Volleyball
  • Mallon, T.J. Mandatory Fee Irks Faculty – Athletics
  • Hesson, Kevin. Coaches Look Toward Future – Tennis
  • Irvine, Chris. Tops Wanting More Than Pot of Gold – Football
  • Irvine, Chris. Football Clash with Czars Will Be Historic – Football
  • Kiggins, Pamela. Toppers Prepare for Tough Weekend – Soccer
  • Anna, Cara. Cross Country Team to Race with Top Runners Sidelined – Track & Field
  • Basketball Assistant Leaves for St. Francis – Jim Christian
  • Athletics Facilities to Get $90,000 in Improvements – Hilltopper Athletic Foundation
  • Rugby Club Looking for Members


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