Publication Date



Issue misnumbered Vol. 67, No. 7


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Burnham, Maria. Dan Quayle to Visit Bowling Green Monday
  • Tatum, Doug. Budget Could be Reduced Again, Officials Warn
  • Gilbert, Alicia. University Center Board May Bring Jazz, Rap Shows
  • Brewer, Mike. Construction: Mess Should be Gone by October
  • Four Students Charged in Assault – Fayne Carter, Julian Squire, Drane Scrivener, Carson Smiley
  • Special Faculty Senate Meeting Called
  • Residents Should Prepare for Bug War – Housing & Residence Life
  • Johnson, Steve. Editorial Cartoon Junk Food & Roaches
  • Mack, J.L. Students Exposed to Asbestos
  • Davis, Michael & Tim Williamson. Vegetarian Diet Better for Health
  • Franklin, Jennifer & Christy Ozler. Thanks, Stranger
  • Kinney, Mark. Dungeons & Dragons Not Satanic
  • Poynter, Chris. Ex-Professor Threatens Lawsuit – Luz Umpierre, Sexism
  • Clingerman, Ann & Cassie Holloran. Good Eats, Good Spirits – Restaurants
  • Thomas, Kim. Business Steady At City Health Clubs
  • Shelton, Ellona. Crime Rates Low, Mace Sales High
  • Mills, Jerry. Democrats Making Plans for Dan Quayle Visit
  • Varney, Dennis. Poster Sale is Dirt Cheap
  • Tatum, Doug. Thomas Meredith: Higher Education Needs More Support
  • Nations, Jeff. Resolutions Passed to Ease Registration – Student Government Association
  • Good, Epha. Disabilities Act Coordinator Makes Life Easier for Some – Huda Melkey
  • Kiggins, Pamela. Tops Lose Home Opener to Vanderbilt, 2-1 – Soccer
  • Nations, Jeff. Jack Harbaugh Fields Questions Concerning Football’s Status
  • Zirnheld, Nicole. Team Takes Game to Colorado Mountains – Volleyball
  • Irvine, Chris. Tops To Face Explosive Offense – Football
  • Gilbert, Alicia. Transfers Beef Up Baseball Lineup
  • Ralph Willard’s Contract Extended to 1996


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