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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Cassady, Pam. We Should Not Kill to Teach That Killing is Wrong – Capital Punishment
  • Nevels, Jill. Students Camp for Cause – Shantytown, Homelessness
  • Bryan, Angela. Student Who Transferred Says Western is Not Safe – WKU Police, Michelle Schutt
  • Lindenberger, Michael. Kentucky Universities Undergoing Revolution
  • It’s the End (Zone) for Student Seating – Athletics
  • Johnson, Steve. Editorial Cartoon Donors Taking Students Seats – Athletics
  • Call Waiting, Waiting & Waiting – Telephone Directories
  • Ferguson, Betsy & Patti Jeannette. Students Should Be Able to Designate Fees
  • Armstrong, Kristin. Financial Aid Office Needs Aid of Its Own
  • Critchfield, Mark. Singing the Post-Election Conservative Blues – Politics
  • Clingerman, Ann & Patrick Bernardy. 21 & Nowhere to Go – Nightclubs
  • Critchfield, Mark. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Legend Lives On
  • Hannah, Jim. Former Student Dies in Helicopter Crash – Mark Gruber
  • Hannah, Jim. Group May Call for Governor to Stop Cutting School Funds – Faculty Senate
  • Ang, Dawn. The Little Shop of Horrors Takes Root at Capitol Arts Center – Fountain Square Players
  • Nations, Jeff. Student Government Association Turns Attention Toward Preventing Tuition Increase
  • Varney, Dennis. Flu Shots Available at Health Services
  • Zirnheld, Nicole. Lady Tops Ranked Fifth by USA Today – Basketball
  • Varney, Dennis. Swimmers Motivated by Unity
  • Kiggins, Pamela. Toppers Look to Build on Last Year’s Success – Basketball
  • Grundy, Julie. Students Moved to End Zone – Athletics, Diddle Arena
  • Lady Toppers Net First Signee – Brandi Ashby, Basketball


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