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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Poynter, Chris. Board of Regents to Decide Fate of Health Service
  • Stivers, Stephanie. 64-Year-Old’s Jump from Parking Structure Ruled Suicide – Vernon Galvin
  • Carter, Darla. Job Hunt: Recession Still Hurts Graduates
  • Hadley, Kim. Professor Mark Lowry in Touch with Mideast
  • Coal Science Program Gets Endowment
  • Police Want People to Buckle Up
  • Hoff, Meagan. Health Issue Tops Heather Falmlen’s Agenda – Associated Student Government
  • Hoff, Meagan. Associated Student Government Budgets More for Environment
  • $500 Noise Ordinance Cheap Shot at Students
  • Richardson, Patrick. Editorial Cartoon Bowling Green Police Fining Fraternities
  • Rutledge, Walker. Recommends Resignations – Regents
  • Powers, Jeff. Regents Ignored Students Interest
  • Sabo, Elona. Bravo to Those Who Voice Concerns – Budget
  • Houchens, Gary. Join United Student Activists
  • Baldwin, Paul. Loud Parties: This Crazy New Law Bites
  • Helson, Trina. Dorm Pranks
  • Poynter, Chris. Bob Woodward’s Commanders Gives True Story of War – Book Review
  • Lindsey, John. Loud Distortion Sticks with Mudhoney’s Latest – Music Review
  • Baldwin, Paul. Wooden Sculptures Stress Artist’s Work Ethic – Mark Wallis
  • Stewart, Nikita. Minority Issues: Students Say Recruiting Weak
  • Martin, John. Council on Higher Education Action: Incentives Might be Increased
  • Yates, Lauren. Campus Recycling: Efforts Need Money
  • Maxwell, Tracy. Colossus Food Bar Spoils After Five Days – Dining Services
  • Gibson, Karen. Party Hoping: Rush Changes
  • Martin, John. Professors Discuss War’s Results – Persian Gulf War, 1991
  • Grundy, Julie. Habitat for Humanity: First Home in City Nearly Finished
  • Armes, Anya. Heat Index is Gonna Make You Sweat


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