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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Cecil, Jill. Bar Owners Buzzing Over Group’s Letter – Alcoholic Beverage Control
  • Cecil, Jill. Alcohol Advertisements Not Wasted on Students
  • Tungate, Matthew. Tuition Hike Not as High as Some Believe
  • Fritz, Craig. It’s Showtime Photospread – Paddy Murphy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Broadbent, Stephanie. Pipeline Breaks; Major Repairs Needed – Facilities Services, Utilities
  • Life Sentence Asked for Murderer – Cecil Simmons, Kristi Hedden
  • $450 a Day Spent on Hot Air – Facilities Services, Utilities
  • Housing Can’t Meet All Demands – Housing & Residence Life, International Students
  • Editorial Cartoon Santa Claus Under Surveillance
  • People Poll: What One Thing Would You Like to Change on Campus?
  • Bunnell, David. Senseless Violence Must Be Stopped
  • Editor’s Hotline – Movies, Alfred Cook, Bars, Alcohol
  • Hudnall, Holly. Don’t Blame the Bars – Alcohol, Drunk Driving
  • Flynn, Leslie. Student Government Association: Group Wants Money Machine on Top of Hill – ATM, Automated Teller Machine, Banks
  • Anna, Cara. Workers Protest Sunday Hours
  • Daniels, Jerry. All Students Invited to Racism Teleconference
  • Good, Epha. Students Hope Big Red Doll Makes Big Bucks
  • Potter Hall Renovations Won’t Be Finished On Time
  • International Programs Gets $3,000 Grant
  • Burnham, Maria. Sew What? – Fashion, Consumer & Family Sciences
  • Thomas, Kim. A Shrewd Look at Shakespeare – Kiss Me Kate, Theatre & Dance
  • Whipple, Catherine. A Nightmare Before Christmas Product of Tim Burton’s Dream – Movie Review
  • Frakes, Jason. Panthers Pose First Obstacle for Tops – Football
  • Bernhardy, Alan. Indianapolis Not Expected to Make Waves – Swimming
  • Frakes, Jason. Playoffs: No Guarantee Even With Wins – Football
  • Varney, Dennis. Paul Sanderford Lands Premier Players
  • Darnell Mee, Tellis Frank Getting Some Playing Time
  • Bernhardy, Alan. Runners Going the Extra Mile – Track & Field
  • Kelly Meagher Honored by Sun Belt Conference
  • Red-White Scrimmage Tomorrow – Basketball
  • Nations, Jeff. A Short But Quick Team – Basketball
  • Ross Perot’s Former Press Secretary to Speak Tonight – Jim Squires


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