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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Wilson, Sherry. Part-Time Faculty Soon to Get First Check
  • Daniels, Jerry. Leader Disclaims Notion Black Panthers Racist – Bobby Seale
  • Osborne, Sherri. Studying in Dorms Can Be Headache – Housing & Residence Life
  • Flynn, Leslie. Mood Disorder Pushes Victims to Extremes – Depression
  • International Adviser Resigns – Ann Stathos
  • Pennies Saved Not Worth Risk
  • Curtis, Stacy. Editorial Cartoon Hazardous Materials
  • Rose, Alex. Stop Complaining About Low Attendance at Games – Athletics
  • People Poll: Will Skategate Affect Tonya Harding’s & Nancy Kerrigan’s Olympic Performances? 1994 Winter Olympics
  • Harned, Joy. Offended By Column – Kristi Hedden
  • Editor’s Hotline – Parking, Photojournalism, Topperettes
  • Whipple, Catherine. National Service Program Open to Western Students – AmeriCorps
  • Foreign Students Double in Three Years – International Students
  • Preston Health & Activities Center to Adjust Hours for Spring Break
  • Anna, Cara. Brereton Jones’ Approval Would Give Western a Staff Regent
  • Sargent, Rebecca. Girls Become Topperettes for a Day
  • Edwards, Don. Dance Performance Relates to All Walks of Life – Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble
  • Kemp, Bill. Opinions Vary on Swimsuit Magazine – Sports Illustrated
  • Broadbent, Stephanie. A Born Leader – Misty Dugan, ROTC, Rangers
  • Gunnoe, James. Run-DMC Brings Unity, Rocks the House – Concerts
  • Hardin Planetarium Shows Winter Program
  • Root, Tonya. Student, President Trade Roles for Day – Thomas Meredith, Angelo Rodriguez, President for a Day
  • Brown, Karen. Tops Say Dunk Worth More Than Two Points – Basketball
  • Anna, Cara. Jim Richards Getting On-the-Job Training – Athletics
  • Frakes, Jason. Road Trip Cures Ills - Basketball
  • Bernardy, Alan. Young Swimmers Tame Bulldogs in 166-75 Rout – Swimming
  • Varney, Dennis. Lady Tops Win; Next Game Will Be Crucial
  • Nichols, Charlie. Baseball: First-Game Jitters Show in Opening Series at Mississippi
  • Nations, Jeff. Joel Murrie in Favor of Elite Plan – Baseball
  • Brown, Karen. Bobby Jones Doing What He Loves – Basketball


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