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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Poynter, Chris. Matt Kilcullen Signs Four-Year Contract – Basketball
  • Cecil, Jill. Social Work: Faculty Concerned About Future – Curriculum
  • Quarles, Mitchell. Pageant Show Positive Aspects of Black Women – Miss Black Western
  • Root, Tonya. Candidate Says He Wouldn’t Raise Fees – Shawn Pinkston, Student Government Association
  • Kentucky Supreme Court Coming to Campus
  • Jim Richards Fouls Out In Search – Basketball
  • Curtis, Stacy. Editorial Cartoon Jim Richards Fails to Hire Best Basketball Coach
  • Workers’ Needs, Morale Should Be Recognized
  • People Poll: What’s Your Biggest Worry During the Last Four Weeks of the Semester?
  • Reese, Jason. Columnist Needs to Focus on Herself – College Heights Herald
  • Editor’s Hotline – Tuition, Movies, Student Evaluations
  • Whipple, Catherine. Women’s Studies: New Director to be Named Friday
  • Whipple, Catherine. Western Students to Represent State in Speech Tournament – Chris Fleming, Amy Stewart
  • Koski, Jason. Man, His Machine & A Mountain to Conquer – Mountain Biking
  • Bernardy, Alan. Students Build A Shrine to Nirvana’s Front Man – Kurt Cobain
  • Anna, Cara. Despite Losses, Marriott Planning to Expand – Dining Services
  • Provano, Jennifer. Firehouse Prices Not Scorching – Dining Services
  • Daniels, Jerry. Freshman Winner Happy With Crown – Stephanie Smith, Miss Black Western
  • Barren River Imaginative Museum of Science Opens to Stimulate Interest in Science
  • Anna, Cara. Potter Hall: Departments to Move In This Summer
  • Flener, Arnold. Child Abuse: Local Agencies Strive to Heighten Awareness
  • Edwards, Don. Bowling Green Visited by First Major League Rodeo – Buck Starts Here Pro Rodeo 1994
  • Tolliver, Lisa. Music: Two Professors Play in the Jazz Connection – Joe Brooks, Jim Porter
  • Universities Exempted from Smoking Ban
  • Western to Turn Off Heat This Week
  • Frakes, Jason. Matt Kilcullen Joins Topper Family – Basketball
  • John, Carolyn. Nicholas Aliwell Leads Runners, Meets NCAA Qualifier – Track & Field
  • Nichols, Charlie & Jeff Nations. Tops Swing & Miss in Three Straight – Baseball
  • Scott, Michael. Drugs: NCAA Says Use Is Declining
  • Bernhardy, Alan. Tennis Matches Produce Zero Wins
  • Batters, Tom. Jennifer Moore a Natural-Born Leader – Golf
  • Nations, Jeff. Tennis Team Wins Two on Road


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