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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Root, Tonya. Rob Evans & Tara Higdon Ready to Lead Students, Student Government Association
  • Hannah, Jim. Robert Rutledge Hiring Raises Questions About Process – Institutional Advancement
  • Daniels, Jerry. Credit Cards: Impulse Buying Puts Some Students Deep in Debt
  • Madison, Ann. Earth Day: Weekend Events Help Awareness of Environment
  • Suspect Arrested for Vandalism – Jonathan Lowe
  • Play It Safe, Lock Doors On Campus – Crime
  • Curtis, Stacy. Editorial Cartoon Campus Security
  • Catherine Ward Deserves Appreciation for Helping Women
  • People Poll: Are You Concerned About Campus Safety? Why or Why Not?
  • Clingerman, Ann. Taking a Walk Could Mean Taking a Risk
  • Randolph, Patty. Student Government Association Helps Us All
  • Schroeder, Rachel. Cartoon on Greek Week Was Bad – Stacy Curtis
  • Miller, Kristen. Student Government Association Defends Itself
  • Wilson, Sherry. Tomatoes: They’re Genetically Altered to Stay Fresh Longer
  • Whipple, Catherine. Western Has First National Speech Finalists – Chris Fleming, Adam Black
  • Daniels, Jerry. Dealing With Debt Not Easy
  • Weber, Ron. Careful Spenders Avoid Debt – Credit Cards
  • Anna, Cara. Western Must Give More to Community College
  • Anna, Cara. Robert Rutledge May Have Violated Law, Professor Says – Les Abramson, Institutional Advancement
  • Sargent, Rebecca. Procrastination: It’s Crunch Time for Students
  • Whipple, Catherine. Final Exams: Is It Safe to Study at Fast Food Restaurants?
  • Quarles, Mitchell. Styrofoam: Marriott Open to Recycling Suggestions – Dining Services
  • Kemp, Bill. Professor & His Wife Stay Together Despite Distance – Robert Dietle, Ferrel Rose
  • Madison, Ann. Gallery Displays Seniors’ Artwork, Talent – Art
  • Whipple, Catherine. Gotta Dance: Program Features Broadway Show Tunes – Theatre & Dance
  • Grundy, Julie. Home Sweet Home: Apartments vs. Dorms – Housing & Residence Life
  • Kemp, Bill. Western Grad Creates Comic Character – Clint the Carrot, Dave Easton
  • Varney, Dennis. Toppers Get Two Recruits – Basketball, Carl Thomas, Kyle Chapman
  • Nations, Jeff. Jody Bingham Wants Strong Finish – Tennis
  • Nichols, Charlie. Wildcats Pound 20 Hits in 12-5 Win – Baseball
  • Bernardy, Alan. Women’s Tennis Team Ready for Tournament
  • Nations, Jeff. Western Not the Only Hilltoppers – Saint Edwards University
  • Soccer Signs Recruit – Chris Zutterman
  • Cindy Wiseman is Honored – Volleyball
  • Varney, Dennis. Women Finish Fifth – Golf
  • Scott, Michael. Men Slip to Sixth Place – Golf
  • Batters, Tom. Clemette Haskins Returning to Diddle Arena as a Coach – Basketball


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