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  • WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:
  • Grundy, Julie. Master’s a Haul or Help? – Graduate School, Employment
  • Gagliardi, Melissa. C Proposal Faces Final Exam from Regents – Grades
  • Leonard, Shannon. Graduate Pilots B-2 Stealth Bomber – Steve Basham, U.S. Air Force
  • Driver Arrested After Car Wreck – Kimberly Herrington, Alcohol, Drunk Driving
  • Grundy, Julie. Advanced Degree Doesn’t Mean More Money – Graduate School, Employment
  • Curtis, Stacy. Editorial Cartoon Meredith Hall, Zacharias Hall Nameless
  • New Dorms Need Honorable Names – Meredith Hall, Zacharias Hall
  • Howard, Bernie. Preston Health & Activities Center Policy Unfair
  • Rutledge, Walker & John Reiss. Dismayed with Faculty Regent – Ray Mendel
  • People Poll: What Should the New Dorms Be Named? – Meredith Hall, Zacharias Hall
  • Meyer, Lisa. Greeks Are Misrepresented & Misinterpreted
  • Rose, Alex. Greek Life Not A Part of My College Experience
  • Editor’s Hotline – Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Johnson, Jerry. Public Broadcasting Should Take Some Cuts
  • Lowe, Karin. Western Passes Test After 3 Years – Reaccreditation, SACS, Southern Association of Colleges & Schools
  • Wilson, Sherry. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Sacrifices Opened Doors
  • Davis, Amanda. Is Communism Dead? – Hugh Phillips, Soviet Union
  • Goetz, Kristina. Fire Engulfs Engine, Student’s Car Totaled – Melissa Lahrs
  • Root, Tonya. Pearce-Ford Tower Residents to Get New Lift – Elevators, Housing & Residence Life
  • Lamastus, Kim. Preston Health & Activities Center Pool Reopens After Another Set of Leaky Pipes Is Fixed
  • Quarles, Mitchell. Fine Arts – Theatre & Dance, Art, Music
  • Hutchins, Chris. Oz Ball: Act Crazy, Who Cares! – Rock Music, Bands
  • Williams, Stacy. Legends of the Fall Doesn’t Fall Short of Expectations – Movie Review
  • Hieb, Dan. Lady Tops Ready for Top 10 Clash – Basketball
  • Scott, Michael. Western Taking Win Streak to Louisiana Tech – Basketball
  • Brown, Karen. Recruiting Most Important In Programs’ Success – Baseball
  • Bernardy, Patrick. Revenge on Minds of Swim Team’s Rivals – Swimming
  • Kelly, Kevin. Western Track Team Sprints Into Second Meet – Track & Field


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