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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Root, Tonya. Officials, Managers Meeting – Facilities Meeting, Outsourcing, Dining Services
  • Gagliardi, Melissa. Jason Young, Jason Hays Back New Level – Student Government Association
  • Lowe, Karin. Genetics Program Creator Leaving Western – Val Dunham, Biology
  • Business Dean Resigning to Teach – Michael Brown, Gordon Ford College of Business
  • Curtis, Stacy. Editorial Cartoon Outsourcing
  • Privatization Draws Questions – Facilities Management, Dining Services
  • Ratliff, Tammy. Parking Problem is Bad – Parking & Transportation Services
  • Moore, Peggy. Put Ceiling on Income In Plan – Tuition
  • People Poll: What Do You Think About the Return of Major League Baseball?
  • Rose, Alex. Interesting Classes Part of Higher Education – General Education, Curriculum
  • Hutchins, Chris. Save the Lobsters: They’re Capable of Happiness
  • Give Your Professor an Acorn Award – Kentucky Advocates for Higher Education
  • Wilson, Sherry. Gala Focusing on a Black Role Model, Not Just Beauty – Miss Black Western
  • Rose, Alex. Round & Round the Garden: Acting Lustful, Luscious, Neurotic – Theatre & Dance
  • Goetz, Kristina. Greeks See Red for Blood Drive - Alpha Gamma Rho
  • Weber, Rob. File Soon for Student Financial Aid
  • Pendleton, Shannon. Quilts Treasures to Kentucky Creators – Kentucky Museum, Exhibits
  • Williams, Stacy. ZZZZZZZZZZ – Sleep
  • Hans, Dan. Band Sing a Thank You to Zeppelin – Music Review
  • Larner, Michael. Golf Team Looks for Win
  • Scott, Michael. Pitchers Control Outcome of Game – Baseball
  • Kelly, Kevin. Nick Aliwell’s Return Rejuvenates Team Members – Track & Field
  • Lega, Stephen. Tops Face Endurance Test – Tennis
  • Lega, Stephen. Despite 801 Loss, Coach Pleased with Performance – Tennis
  • Larner, Michael. Golfers Fight Four Strokes Too Many


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