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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Craig, Ryan. Space Voyage – Hubble Space Telescope, Robert Williams
  • Lanter, Charlie. Western Finds Resident Assistants Easily, Pays Less – Housing & Residence Life
  • Wilson, Misty. Student Government Association Votes for 24-Hour Visitation in More Dorms – Housing & Residence Life
  • President to Be Selected – Council on Postsecondary Education
  • Campus Scouts to Navigate Rope Course – Boy Scouts
  • Lanter, Charlie. Plans for Gary Ransdell’s Inauguration Moving Ahead
  • Moore, Leigh. Western Cited for Illegal Dumping
  • Batcheldor, Matt. Early Visitors Frighten Building Attendants
  • Students Shouldn’t Miss Chance to Learn
  • Harlow, Paige. Editorial Cartoon Student Apathy Live Concert
  • Gary Ransdell Shows Commitment to Openness – Women’s Task Force, Human Subjects Review Board
  • People Poll: What Would Make You Want to See Speakers on Campus?
  • Batcheldor, Matt. Responsible Gun Control Laws Create Safer Society for Youth
  • Yochim, Phil. History Proves that Gun Control Laws Don’t Protect, But Oppress
  • Roenker, Dan. Comments Should Remain Confidential – Women’s Task Force
  • Harper, Molly. Endowment to Support Women’s Studies Program
  • Harper, Molly. Faculty Award Their Own
  • Our Town Scheduled April 16-May 3 – Public Theatre of Kentucky
  • Pulitzer Prize Winner to Show Work – Carol Guzy
  • Batcheldor, Matt. Race for Public Relations Post Heating Up – Student Government Association, Amy France, Christoph Miller, Brad Sweatt
  • Back, Shannon. Senator Discusses International Policy – Mitch McConnell
  • Smith, Scheri. Trash Talk – Jerry Springer
  • Simmons, Darryn. Muckrakers Look for Fame
  • Englert, Jennifer. Dan Carter Tells Trials of George Wallace
  • Craig, Ryan. Lost in Space Loses All Qualities of Original – Movie Review
  • Smith, Scheri. Threat of Tornadoes No Real Reason to Lose Sleep Over – Entertainment
  • Mayo, Travis. Toppers Look for Golden Season – Football
  • Mayo, Travis. Lifelong Diamond – Luis Rodriguez, Baseball
  • Mayo, Travis. Baseball Tops to Spend Easter on Field
  • Robinson, George. Hilltoppers Adjust to Dennis Felton’s Intense Coaching Style – Basketball
  • Florida International University New Sun Belt Conference Member
  • Brewer, Jerry. Leslie Johnson Ponders Pro Leagues
  • Ramsey, Sarah. Track Team Prepares for Tough Meet; Women Finish Strong – Track & Field
  • Conklin, Jed. Rio Hiking Tough But Enjoyable


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